Intelligent Systems Weekly Report

Week 1

This week is the first session of the Intelligent Systems class. We learned the introductory to AI. We also formed a group for the final project.

Week 2

This week, I and Diza have started the research for the final project. We found multiple examples that gave us an idea for our final project.

Week 3

This week, We added Winson to our final project team. We have narrow our options to three project ideas. The project ideas are handwritten digit recognition, age & gender detection and face filter software.

Week 4

This week, We studied AI games, Game playing as search, Minimax algorithm, Alpha-Beta pruning, Using heuristics and evaluation function, Non-deterministic games and State-of-the-Art game programs. I also keep on searching for ideas for the face filter software.

Week 5

This week, We learned about supervised and unsupervised machine learning, obtaining and interpreting probabilities. We did an exercise about a joint probability distribution, conditional probability, and Naïve Bayes Classifier.

Week 6

This week, We learned more about supervised and unsupervised machine learning. We also learned about different types of clustering techniques including partitional and hierarchal algorithms. Then, we did an exercise on the K-Means algorithm and initial cluster centroid.

Week 7

This week, We learned about market basket analysis and different algorithms of association rules. We learned the brute force approach and the apriori algorithm. Then, we did an exercise on the apriori algorithm and we have a quiz on what we have learned from week 1 to 7.

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