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ARRANGED BY: Chan Elizabeth Wirawan (2201797001) Marco Melvern (2201798351) Michael Edward Baharutan (2201798124) Naman Vohra (2201798420) Project Details Project Name: “Database for Pharmacy” We are planning to build a database system for a pharmacy. Our team consists of four members … Continue reading

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MultiMedia Final Project Game Guide

Group members: Chan Elizabeth Wirawan Salya Wirachman Zefanya Gedalya B.L.T We are making a platformer game named Okami Monogatari. The title means The Tale of the Wolf.

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My contribution for Multimedia Final Project

I contributed to this project by giving ideas, making the storyboard, apply some actions to the sprites and make the credits page.

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DSA-Final-Project 2019 : Train Reservation System and Scheduling

Data Structure and Algorithm Final Project By Chan Elizabeth 2201797001  & Jason Sianandar 2201796440. Source Code & Project Report: Program Demo Video:

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Multimedia Final Project Proposal

Group: Chan Elizabeth W 2201797001 Salya Wirachman 2201798143 Zefanya Gedalya 2201796970 Proposal: We are planning to make a platform game with empathy theme using Construct 2 by Scirra. The empathy theme will be seen through the game visually. A platform … Continue reading

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